SFP Sons

Our journey from sourcing and extracting flowers to launching our own brands now available across the world has indeed been a beautiful one.

From Ahsan to iCAN, we have always stayed true to our promise of delivering great value without compromising on quality, ethics and our vision.

With JASS as the umbrella brand, SFP now has more than 1000 active products that are sold across India, the Middle-East, parts of Africa, Europe, America and Australia

The other major brands include Tara, known for its hair oil;

Kashmir Snow, a moisturiser launched in the year 1923 and bought by SFP after the original owner “walked in, offered the brand to us and said I will only sell this brand to SFP”;

Silent Valley, a range of aromatherapy products; and

iCAN, a range of deodorants

Ahsan, a range of Attars and Oriental fragrances, is still our largest selling single brand since 1992. And a market leader in its category globally.

The new ranges including Girlfriend by HIM and Saturday Night are the latest to join the family.


One colour. One world. One fragrance. Metaphor is unity. It is the change that humanity should have made long ago – the change that many have fought against but only a few have fought for. Metaphor is the courage to fight prejudice, hatred and discrimination. Metaphor is the new age of acceptance, inclusion and equality.
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DIScover is a Co-Creative platform that was launched to bring artists, designers, models, photographers, film-makers, businesses and brands together. A One-Stop Solution for anyone who is looking for new age “business and brand building tools”.
The first project, DIScover India Studios was launched in Chennai, India. It will serve as a connecting platform for perfumers, designers, models, bloggers, influencers, photographers, filmmakers and other artists from within and outside of India. The idea is to make the flow of ideas and concepts easier and practical between clients and the talent.

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eXPerience is a hand-on guided workshop led by an eXPerienced perfumer who will take you through the entire “CREATE YOUR OWN FRAGRANCE” process at our XP lab or a place of your choice (minimum attendance applies ). You will be able to create your own fragrance by the end of the workshop, bottle it and use it.
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Our ambassadors aren’t just an association to sell more. We started like everyone else and signed ambassadors who were famous and “influential”. We soon realised and learnt that our ambassadors had to represent the soul and spirit of our brands and not just the products. Our association with ASOTY and our collaboration with DIScover India Studios through WORLD OF JASS and various other projects including METAPHOR, are ideas that we completely believe in and live by. And all our ambassadors through these projects is an extended family busy Spraying Happiness in whatever way they can.
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