Smells like you. The campaign.

At World of JASS, we believe that our life is a result of our choices. And the choices we make are a result of our everyday habits.

Smells Like You is a reminder to follow our heart and always do things that our heart says. Chose a career that you love. Travel to places that you want to explore. Wear clothes that you feel the most creative and comfortable in. Listen to music that touches your soul. Find a partner your soul says yes to. Stand up for people that you love. Speak up for things that you believe in. Support causes that you feel passionate about. “Smells Like You” is a reminder to be yourself and to follow your dreams. A reminder to chose wisely, carefully and responsibly.

Stop living a life based on what the world likes or expects you to live. Stop living a life based on what is trending. Don’t let social media define you. Or limit you. Or make you feel less. Take control and make your choices. Chose what feels like you. Smells like you.

“Smells Like You” is also a reminder that you are loved. You are valued. And you are missed. Someone, somewhere is thinking of you. And someplace, somewhere “Smells Like You” because you were there, you were yourself, you were loving, you were caring and you were authentic. And you made a difference.